Fitting instructions for our range of self-assembly plastic hooks for 3, 4, 5mm and 8mm diameter elastic shock cord.

Fitting self-assembly plastic hooks to 3-4mm shock cord.



Thread the cord through the collar and knot the end, then pull the cord gently to settle the knot into the base of the collar. Clip the collar onto the hook body allowing the two pegs in the base of the hook bottom to engage with the two lugs in the sides of the collar. The fitting is now ready for service.


Fitting self-assembly plastic hooks to 5 or 8mm shock cord.

You will need Some thin self-adhesive tape A sharp, Stanley-type, knife A pair of pliers

1. For best results, it is important that the ends of the cord onto which the hook is to be fitted are clean-cut and free from frayed edges. If you are cutting the cord I recommend first wrapping the area to be cut with a band of thin self-adhesive tape (Sellotape, masking tape or similar) before cutting it with a sharp (Stanley-type) knife. The tape can be left in-situ when fitting the hook.

2. Pass the cord(s) through the collar with the thicker end of the collar facing towards the cut end of the cord.

3. Push the cut end(s) of the cord(s) into the hole at the base of the hook ensuring that the cord(s) is(are) pushed in to the full depth of the hole.

4. Push the collar up to the base of the hook and hold the collar between your index finger and middle finger with the hook pressed into your palm (Figure 1).


5. For 8mm hooks, use a pair of pliers held in the other hand (long-nosed pliers with a reasonably wide opening are the best), to press the two cord grips together. Hold them at their widest point, as close to the hook as possible (Figure 2). Simultaneously use your index and middle fingers to push the collar onto the hook trapping the cord grips (Figure 3). As the collar slips up the hook stem it should be possible to release the pliers and push the collar home. You shouldn't need pliers to fit the 5mm hooks.

6. Push the collar firmly home so that the face of the collar meets the flange at the base of the hook.

Fitting Adjustable "Easy" Hooks to 6-8mm cord

 Feed the cord through the large hole in the base of the fitting. Draw the cord, at right angles, through the body of the hook  and then stretch the cord, pulling it back in the direction of entry and feeding it into the slot on the opposite side of the hook base to the entry hole. To move the hook, simply reverse the procedure.