The new, hi-tech, heavy-duty alternative to traditional bungee cords. Twice as strong with only half the pressure on the cargo. Get a firm grip on your luggage without damaging your cases.

Flat Rabbits
Not roadkill but the new, stronger and superior cargo security solution.

These new and extremely versatile fittings are taking over as the method of choice for securing luggage and bulky items to roof racks, trailers, within cars and vans and in all manner of situations where as secure load is required without damage to the surfaces of the secured items. The broad profile minimises pressure under the strap minimising the sort of damage caused by traditional round cords and offering added protection to covers and tarpaulins when these are used under the straps.


Heavy-duty, very strong, abrasion and UV-resistant flat braided (22x3mm) bungee finished at each end with a strong, black, plastic-coated, metal wire hook. Each hook is attached by means of a machine-stitched, heavy-duty, fabric tape for an extremely secure finish.


Available in 4 sizes (measured from hook-tip to hook-tip, untensioned):-
600mm, coloured black with a yellow fleck
800mm, coloured blue
1000mm, coloured grey

1500mm, coloured red

Hook dimensions: Overall length: 58mm, width at hook base: 38mm, inner width of hook opening: 22mm. Maximum (recommended) diameter of hook anchor point: 20mm.

The flat shock cord has a UV-treated, natural rubber latex core sheathed in high-strength, UV and abrasion resistant, polypropylene braiding. The flat bungees are twice as strong as their traditional round cord equivalents with a breaking strength of 800N (~80kg) as opposed to 350N for 8mm round bungee and 400N for 10mm round bungee. How stretchy are they? The flat-braided bungee is capable of the same 100% elongation as standard round bungee, but the hooks and securing tape reduce the effective length of the straps by about 200mm. For safety reasons, we also recommend that users try to keep within a maximum of 75% cord elongation in normal use so we suggest the following for guidence:-


length in use
length in use
 600mm 600 - 900mm
 800mm 800 - 1250mm
 1000mm 1000 - 1600mm
 1500mm 1500 - 2400mm